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Q & A Webinar with Laura and Alexa

December 16, 2016, 10:00am - December 16, 2016, 11:00am

Online, Free

Does the Thought of Losing Your Pet Terrify You? Are you still carrying grief and trauma from the death of a beloved animal friend? Then grab the tissues and don't miss this powerful FREE webinar with Animal Translator & Healer, Laura Bird and Alexa Linton, Animal Intuitive and Author of "Death Sucks - A Guide to Navigating Your Pets Final Transition. This webinar is a follow up to their November Webinar, The Five Things Animals want Humans to know about Death - they'll be diving into the many incredible questions that came up in the first webinar. In a year of so many endings 2016 has held the universal '9' frequency which symbolises the end of a cycle. Many of us and our animals are feeling this energy and the grief that comes with it. So what wisdom do the animals, who open our hearts so deeply and profoundly, have to share with us about what Death? What are these painful yet inevitable endings are really about? What insight can we gain when we look at our contracts and relationships with them? What do they need us to understand? In this 1 hour FREE webinar, Alexa and Laura continue to unpack the learnings and insights from the animals that help us see Death through their eyes and begin to understand how to make sense of all the grief, sadness and loss. If you feel you just can't cope with the loss, if you cant imagine life without that special pet, or are still stuck in the grief space the loss of a pet has left in your life, then this talk is not to be missed. Sign up now for this powerful piece of closure and completion at bit.ly/alexandlaurawebinar2

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A sneak preview of the 9 #sacred #crystalhealing tools by @oframessiah that will holding #ceremony for the transition from 2016 to 2017. This marks the end of a #9yearcycle in #numerology. These private ceremonies held throughout December & January will decode and reconfigure your crystalline structure to address the #number9 for completion and the #number1 for the creation of your #newbeginnings and #newyear So much more info to come soon... ... See MoreSee Less

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#summerrain on a Saturday afternoon with #tobyandru #animalsofonespirit ... See MoreSee Less

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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Melissa


    I was given your website by my Bowen/Redlight therapist from Head 2 Hoof Sync on FB. She worked on my horse and discovered she has arthritis in both hocks…I thought hips ….she s a marvel…..I’ve been giving Rio (my 14 yrs, 15.3 TB mare) glucosamine for a few weeks because i heard clicking. However she tells me you sell it at its most potent and effective strength. I cant stand the thought of my girl being in pain.

    Id like to try this on my girl do you sell it? Can I buy some from you ?

    Melissa 0402787477 email: melwatts123@hotmail.com

    1. laura Post author

      Hi Melissa, Yes definitely. We are always happy to supply high quality supplements to people like yourself who clearly care. Depending on where you are we can post it to you or drop it off or you can pick it up from our Human therapy clinic in Roleystone. I will ask Anita, my admin to contact you tomorrow regarding the best way to supply you and your horse. Warmest, Laura : )

  2. Colleen O'Dea

    Hi Laura, it’s been a while since i’ve touched base with you and had any session but I would like to get my practitioners certification for small animal bowen.

    I noticed you have module 1 coming up in October which is great, can you indicate when the remain modules will be delivered so I plan coverage of my time in advance.

    Ruffs for now, Colleen

    1. laura Post author

      Hi Colleen,
      So great to hear from you!!! Definitely! The remaining modules are listed HERE.
      Let me know if you have any other questions and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the class and sharing Bowen with you…
      Love, Laura :)

  3. Michelle. Rensen

    Hi Laura. I am very interested to learn Equine Bowen Therapy. What happens if at any time you cant afford to do the next module. Money is extremely tight but its something that i really want to do and will achieve. Looking forward to speaking to you, when you are free . I have left a message on your phone anad see you have a hands on coming up shortly. Many thanks Michelle..

    1. laura Post author

      Hi Michelle, Great question! You can always pick up where you left off when the next class rolls around. Sometimes, if lots of time has gone by, a revision of the last attended module may be necessary. This happens occasionally with students busy lives and the course structure is designed to accommodate you continuing when you are ready. Laura :)

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