Animal Communication

DSC_5114Animals communicate in many non-verbal ways like through their behaviour and body language. But they also send energetic information that can be picked up by our intuitive or subtle senses.

That is what Laura Bird of One Spirit discovered she had being doing for quite some time when she began her practice as a Bowen Therapist for horses back in 2001.

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Working with my hands on horses in a healing capacity I started to realise that I knew things about them and what was going on for them that most people weren’t aware of. I also realised, as I started to become conscious of what was happening, that I had been having theses feelings and transmissions from animals since I was a child. Looking back now at the times I was talking with my animal friends as a child, I really was talking to them! And they talked back. I think everyone does it and it’s only when we get a chance to practice and focus on it that we strengthen that muscle enough to begin to really become fully aware of it. I see it happen all the time with my students as they begin to study different modalities with animals. They always get more than they bargained for,” – Laura Bird

Intuitive Animal Communication consults are available with Laura in person, over Skype or email. BOOK HERE

kGjU9One Spirit, Laura & the Animals also facilitate Animal Communication Workshops to allow you to connect with and expand your natural abilities to sense non-verbal communications from other conscious beings. It is only recently that she has decided to share her knowledge and expertise in this field to help people discover and develop the natural abilities that they already possess with animals.

She has a unique, down to earth approach to discovering the intuitive you that makes the magic real. Check out the workshops calendar to find out when the next class is being held.

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